Freelance Search Engine Google Optimisation Services

Every website designed and coded by me has a standard Search Engine Optimisation. This means that is fully searchable and has all the features required to be properly found in Google, Yahoo and other search engines. Your future website will be automaticly submited to search engines and can be found in search engine (like Google) after 1 week being online. No one can guarantee a success especially when you are starting your business and especially when you have got a big competition online in your type of business. My every single website is designed and coded with maximum optimisation in mind matching your market target. I give you full advice and recommendation starting from choosing your domain name, sometimes I even try to persuade my client to change his/her domain name to more effective one.

Extra Search Engine Optimisation Campaign (SEO)

If you already have a website or after website is done - you decide that you want to do more - we can do an extra Search Engine Optimisation Campaign. (It is even better if you tell me that at the begining of building your webpage).

You don't risk anything. You just need to pick up for example 3 keyword sets. If I wanted to have search engine optimisation campaign for my webdesign services I would choose the following keyword sets:

  • website design in Manchester
  • webdesigner in Manchester
  • freelance webdesigner Manchester

Then I do my best to optimise your website to maximalise these keywords. I do quite a lot changes to the website code. It is mainly that part of content that is not visible on your website. And from now on I am up to date and checking your position quite often matching changes to actual requirements. I also do a couple tricks to get you higher in Google, Yahoo etc. for those particular keywords. At the begining of my search engine optimisation work we agree and specify a date (usually in about 30 or 40 days) and on that particular date we check search engine rankings. Earlier we specify prices for each keyword set and if on that particular day you are on first, second or third page I get paid for my job acording to your position. If not, that means that you pay me nothing! Prices depends on how dificult keywords you pick up but here you have a typical example:
For each keyword set:

  • First page (positions 1-10) of Google search engine £150 | search engine £80
  • Second page (positions 11-20) of Google search engine £60 | search engine £40
  • Third page (positions 21-30) of Google search engine £40 | search engine £20

Let's pretend we are checking rankings on particular date and these are the results for keywords:

  • website design in Manchester | third page in Google (£40) , 4th page in Yahoo (£0)
  • webdesigner in Manchester | 5th page in Google (£0), 2nd page in Yahoo (£40)
  • freelance webdesigner Manchester | Second page in Google (£60) | 1st page in Yahoo (£80)

£40 + £40 + £60 + £80 = £220 = Your full price for Search Engine Optimisation

Don't forget that being high in search engine results is a guarantee of success!

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Freelance Search Engine Google Optimisation Manchester Web Designer

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